Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Some People Are Pigs

I live in Southwest Florida, referred to by many as "paradise."

I bike a lot, and on my daily rides I can't help but notice the amount of trash along highways as well as residential roads.

I've seen everything from bagged trash (torn by animals) to tires, to furniture and appliances.

My home is located on a corner where two streets intersect. Numerous times throughout the week I find myself outside picking up tossed beer bottles, fast-food bags, wrappers and cups, etc. It's disgusting.

We've become a nation of PIGS ... pigs that don't give a damn about respect for other people's property OR our own, for that matter.

I take great pride in my property, inside and out. And for someone else to disrespect what I myself respect pisses me off to no end.

How much would it take to keep a litterbag in one's car to dispose of trash properly rather than casually toss it out the window for someone else to dispose of? Obviously too much for some of those PIGS.

One day, while biking, I spotted a crumpled pack from Marlboro cigarettes. Only a few feet further I spotted two more. I began counting them just for the hell of it. I counted 37 empty Marlboro packages in my 24 or so mile trip. That was ONLY Marlboros. I didn’t count the others: Camels, Basic, etc.

Memo to self: Many people are PIGS. Their homes must be STYS. Isn’t pride of ownership WONDERFUL? © 2008 RJScott

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