Saturday, May 21, 2011

So the Rapture Didn't Happen

It was a sad day today as I rode with a friend to a crematorium in Punta Gorda, FL, to deliver the body of a 77 lb. dog to the facility for cremation.

An earlier blog tells of a funeral home here in Southwest Florida that caters to animals as well as humans.

I didn’t see the dog. It was a male, named Harley. It was wrapped, ready to be cremated. As I helped my best friend, Frank, to lift the creature off the “lift” it was on, I gave it a gentle pat … the body was still warm. I felt that warmth. I felt the unconditional love that it had given his owner. I got teary-eyed.

I wanted that brief moment with Harley to be special to him. I wanted him to know that someone, someone other than his human owner, cared.

Then I touched the crematorium. It was warm. It contained the remains of yet another pet that someone in Southwest Florida cared enough about to have their pet cremated. I don’t know if it was a cat, a dog, a bird or what it might have been.

When Frank and I placed Harley’s still-warm body into the freezer for cremation on Monday, I noticed that there were four more bodies, smaller bodies, in the freezer. Again, I didn't know if they were cats, dogs, birds, snakes ... I had no idea.

It occurred to me that the time was shortly after 6 p.m., the time for the “Rapture,” and I couldn’t help but hope that the animals in the freezer, along with the one that had been recently cremated … the one whose remains were in the crematory “oven” were somewhere in the area of “The Rainbow Bridge.”

I couldn’t help but hope that someday, those precious animals, along with their loving “humans” would be re-united at “The Rainbow Bridge.”

I thought of my Foxy Lady … and tears flowed. I miss her oh so much. I wished that the “Rapture” had taken place; that I would be re-united with her in a happier place.

It didn’t happen. Hopefully, in God’s time, it will. I love you Lady, and I miss you.


myklj999 said...

Wow RJ, I must have missed when Foxy passed on....sorry to hear that.

Tlchimes said...

In her memory, you help others... a work both she and God would be proud of, honored by, and would expect from such the man you are. It isn't time for that work to be done so for now you let her live through these little acts and those moments when you remember with a smile the joy she gave you. (((hugs)))

~Cheryl said...

RJ... all in good time, my friend. You WILL see Foxy Lady... and all those that went before her at the Rainbow Bridge. Now is not yet the time though. You have other work to do in the meantime.

RJScott said...

Myk, I lost Lady on Oct. 12, 2010. I've written a book based on her and two of my other "ladies" in my life.

This link tells all about it:

TI, Cheryl: Thanks for your kind responses.