Wednesday, October 2, 2013

After Death ... Afterlife?

Not having been in heaven lately I don't feel qualified to say whether it's overrated or not.

We who are on Earth think as humans with human minds. We have no idea of what life “in the spirit” will be like.

We have no concept of what a heaven would be like, however when you were a very young child, all your toys probably meant the world to you. You probably felt safe and secure knowing that mommy and daddy were there to protect and care for you. You had nothing to worry about except getting that new toy you saw advertised on TV.

As you grew older, you found new interests and you probably cast those toys aside; likely they held no interest for you at all.

As we progress through life, the things that are most important to us today may mean nothing at all. It's all a part of the journey we call life.

So it might be, once you leave Earth (die), the essence of what was you may discover that life itself was merely a testing grounds for what was to come: eternal life, complete with new interests, a new purpose and an exciting new "forevermore"; the "real" life experience.

I think I'd prefer to look forward an exciting new adventure than merely becoming food for worms.

Memo to self: Hey RJ, them worms gotta eat too, ya know. They didn't get an economic stimulus package. (C) 2008 RJScott

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