Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Addicted to Facebook, My Space, Etc?

We all know that online social sites are addictive.

Do you ever neglect your responsibilities at home, or in any way put off attending to family needs, or even take off from work in order to get your "online fix"?

I did, yesterday.

I went to the garage (directly behind my computer room) to get a cold bottle of water out of the refrigerator that I keep in the garage solely for soft drinks, water and beer.

I got so wrapped up in reading the responses to a discussion that I didn't realize that I hadn't closed the refrigerator door properly.

It must have been an hour later when I went for another bottle of water that I discovered the refrigerator open. It was 93 degrees outside and I had the garage door open (with the screen closed), allowing for all that hot, humid air to come into the garage.

Memo to self: Don’t bit(h when the next electric bill is sky-high. © 2008 RJScott

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