Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Our Product Is Good for You ... but It Might Kill You

Have you ever watched an ad for prescription medicines on TV?

I think the number of different ads that appear is definitely increasing.

BUT ... did you ever pay close attention to the ads? Toward the end of the ads the manufacturer cites warnings: taking 'X' could cause high blood pressure, heart attack or stroke (and the like).

First they spend excessive amounts for those 30-second spots, telling you how 'good' their products are, then they go on to tell you how 'bad' they can be if you use them.

I certainly get mixed feelings about risks of taking the products.

For nearly a year, I took Avandia for Diabetes until I learned that it's been known to cause stroke or heart attacks, and the percentages for each were in the 40s. I stopped taking it, without my doctor's knowledge, and since May of 2007 I've upped my exercise time and really revamped my diet. My test results are now at an acceptable level according to recent blood tests.

What do you think of ads that invite you to use a product, then go on to warn you that it could actually kill you?

Memo to self: Damned if you don't, damned if you do. (C) 2008 RJScott

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