Thursday, June 30, 2011

So Reviews Are Picking Up!

Not bad for a first book, out only three months: 16 reviews, 1 Kindle, 15 paperback. All (so far) are five-star. Want a good read or a gift for an animal-loving friend? Try mine.

If you're interested and don't want to have to pay for shipping and handling, contact me at with your name and address. Payment via PayPal>  Your order will be filled the day of (if before noon) the order, or the next business day if after noon.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

So It's Been a Creature Week

Those who know me well know that I’m an animal lover. However I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t “love” all animals.

Two days ago while looking out across the lanai, I saw an egret walking across my backyard. It was obviously looking for breakfast. Moments later it disappeared from my view, so I went into my master bedroom in order to follow its movements without scaring it off.

By the time I got to my bedroom, it was “pecking” in the ground. Moments later, it lifted its head. In its beak was a snake (a harmless black snake). It lifted its beak skyward and proceeded to swallow the snake in one gulp!

I know that the “black racers” are harmless, and in fact, good for the environment, eating mice, rats, other snakes, bugs, birds and more. Yet, my dislike of snakes became evident as I cheered the scoreboard: Egret 1; snake 0!

Then, yesterday afternoon, while enjoying some time in my pool, I glanced up toward the street facing the side of my house.

Coming down the street, very leisurely, thank you, was a bobcat! It crossed over the driveway of the home directly across from mine, went onto the lawn and disappeared from view. It was a truly beautiful animal!

I left the pool and walked along the side of my house and into the garage for a cold beer. As I returned toward pool, I heard a rustle. I looked at the gardenia plant in front of me and lo and behold, there was a black racer halfway up the plant.

Well I wasn’t in the mood to deal with a snake at the moment. I had more important things to do. Beer in hand, I went on to the lanai where I picked up a can of wasp and hornet spray … a can that sprays up to 27 feet.

I returned to the side of the house, and from about three feet away, gave that sucker a blast of spray right in its face! (Mean? Maybe … but I’ve issued warnings to snakes in the past not to come close to my house.)

Temporarily blinded (or at least confused), the snake sped away at a pace that was incredible. It appeared to take under three seconds before it slithered out of sight at the front of my house.

Again I cheered as I reviewed the scoreboard: RJ, 1: Snake 0!

I then proceeded to enjoy my beer!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

So My Offer Paid Off!

This is the latest review of my book, appearing at

My faith has been restored (to a degree). This is from an individual whom I sent a free copy of my book. I'll need time to see if the remaining 11 people post reviews.

5.0 out of 5 stars Comfort in affirmation of one day being united again., June 14, 2011
Julie Cenci - See all my reviews

This review is from: Crossing the Rainbow Bridge: Your Pet: When It's Time to Let Go (Volume 1) (Paperback)

This book is spellbinding ...I couldn't wait to find out what was going to happen next. Although this story was an easy read for me, its deep storyline emphasizes the unpredictability of life. Robert has created a wonderful tool to prepare ambivalent pet owners regarding when it is time to let go of an ailing or aging pet. Most readers will find comfort in the affirmation that they will one day be reunited with all those who have been lost and are held dear. With all the experience that Robert has in writing and editing for AOL, it is no surprise that he would produce a book of this quality. Great Job! When will the next book be out?

Monday, June 13, 2011

So I've Been 'Unfriended'!

… on Facebook!

Why? Well, there was a post by one of my “friends” that mentioned a “great story.”

So, because I had the option of commenting, I added “Here’s a great story for you ______:

I saw the post live, for under a minute. Then it disappeared. Thinking that I did something wrong, I commented again.

Again, it was live, for about a minute. Then I went to my “home page” on FB and there was nothing under my “recent activities” to indicate that the comment ever existed.

So, I went to the home page of the person whose post I responded to, and sure enough, there was no evidence of the post. In addition, I saw the “Add as Friend” option. The person had been my friend. I had worked with her for AOL. Although we never physically met in person, I'm still interested in what former co-workers are doing with their lives outside AOL.

 It’s evident that her displeasure with my post caused her to “unfriend” me.

I can only conclude that my “advertising” as a comment peed her off and she removed me as a “friend.”

I’m trying to sell a book.

In posting to Facebook, everyone is trying to sell something to someone

"XXX likes a link," has XXX wanting the reader to check out that link ... thus, trying to sell that link to anyone who reads it.

"YYY" posts a picture of their trip to Italy. Why? They want to "sell" it ... that is "share" it for others to enjoy. If not, why bother posting it?

Knowing how Facebook works, I know that my “feed” isn’t the same as hers. My replying to her post means that all of her hundreds of  friends could see my reply and, if they are interested animal lovers, could have checked my link, read about the book and possibly have ordered it. Thus, a sale ... or remotely possible, several!

Isn’t that what “networking” is all about?

Methinks that it would have been just as easy to “Hide all” posts by me. That way she’d not see my “shameless” ad, but her friends still could.

So I went through the “Add as Friend” routine, adding a personal note to it, apologizing for having offended her. The response: none. I really don’t expect one.

So what do you think? Do you think my post is worth tossing a “friendship” of many years away? Or do you think that I took “networking” too far by “imposing” on a “friend’s” friends in the hope of more successfully marketing my book?

Seriously: Thoughts and opinions are welcome!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

So What Do You Have to Lose? Nothing! What Do I Have to Lose? Reviews and My Costs!

Here’s an offer that you don’t get every day. While I’ve been pleased with the sales of my book, ‘Crossing the Rainbow Bridge … Your Pet: When It’s Time to Let Go,’ I cannot say that I’m terribly pleased with the lack of reviews.

Currently there are 12 at 11 for the paperback and one for the Kindle version. All are positive, 5-star reviews.

I have provided numerous copies of the book free to a number of individuals, asking only for their review (good or not good). Reviews are what drive book sales. Even negative reviews can have positive results. Sometimes people want to find out for themselves why a negative review was posted. That’s a sale.

When sending follow-up mail to those I’ve provided with free copies, I’ve found that the mail goes unanswered; totally ignored. In this day of instant email, I find that hard to accept. I find that rather rude … especially in those instances where I’ve paid for the book and footed the cost of packaging and mailing.

This tells me that: a) people hated the book, or b) don’t want to post a negative review or c) never read it , or d) are satisfied that they got a book free of charge that retails for $17.95, and owe me nothing in return.

I’m an honest person. If I promise someone something, I deliver. I don’t renege on promises. I don't take advantage of other people ... ever!

My offer:

For the first dozen people who reply to this offer who have not already read my book and posted a review, I’ll be happy to send you a copy … provided that you return the courtesy and post a review ... without fail!

Am I taking a chance? You bet your butt that I am. Yet, I’m willing to believe that there are more promise-keepers out there than promise-breakers.

If you’re willing to read my book, I’ll be happy to send you a copy. I’m taking the chance that there are people out there who provide more than meaningless lip-service … people who will follow through on their part of “the agreement.”

If you live in the U.S., and are among the first dozen to reply, I’ll get a book in the mail to you the day after I receive a request at

All that you have to risk is a couple of hours to read the book and a few minutes to post your thoughts at