Monday, April 11, 2011

So, Yes, I'm a Dog Lover!

And I have been most all of my life. As a very young child I liked cats, but that was before I met a dog.

I learned early on that cats are self-sufficient. I didn't know what that meant at the time, but I must agree.

When I got my first dog, I also got a friend. A buddy, a pal ... a someone who WANTED me around; who WANTED to be with ME.

I wasn't lonely after that. I could always depend on my dog to be around. Cats don't think the same way.

Don't get me wrong. I still like cats ... but my heart belongs to my dog friends, and likely always will.

I love their spunk, their impulsiveness, their bossing me around and almost always succeeding. I enjoy their dependence on me, giving me responsibilities that require slightly more than a can opener, a can of cat food and a litter box.

I love the way that dogs shove their butts up to my hand for a caress. It matters not that they don't purr. They do SLOBBER ... and that's a positive thing. One hasn't lived until one is slobbered upon by a dog that is craving love and affection. And their tails wag without end: a constant reminder of their love ... AND a good substitute if the air conditioner ever fails. A living fan!

I love the way dogs "ask" for treats. They don't "mew" or "meow." They BEG! They impose a guilt trip on their errant owners if the owner is munching on a bag of chips, for example, without as much as offering them one measly chip! Those eyes look directly at the owner as if to say, "What am I? Chopped liver? Don't I rate a stinking chip?"

Can a dog lover refuse a chip to a "starving" dog. Nay, not at all. 

A loving dog owner tosses a chip to the dog while stuffing a half-dozen into his own mouth, hoping to finish the bag before the "dog friend" finishes hers and begs for another.

Yeah, I suppose dogs are here to stay in my life.

At the moment I'm friendless, dogless. I lost my precious Foxy Lady III last October 12 after a months-long bout with renal failure. I'm debating whether I want to bring another dog into the household, and while I'm on the winning side (meaning yes), I've set some conditions.

As I get older, I realize that the chances of a new puppy outliving me are great. I want to be sure that any new friend that enters the house will have a fair chance at life. I want to make provisions for her care in the event of my death.

I've written a book that was published recently. Read about it here:

My condition is that if the book fares well enough for me to feel secure that my new friend will have that "fair chance," I will bring a new little girl into my home. 

I so crave the unconditional love that a  puppy or a fully grown dog offers. And, even though I'm getting  older, I genuinely feel that I have more than enough love left in me to make a new ward in my life know that she's loved, and if it's God's will, have a full life with me. If not, I want her to know that there is someone out there who can and will provide the love and care that my early death would end.


Isdihara said...

From one dog lover to another, I LOVE what you have done with your book and the reasons why you have done it.

RJScott said...

I would :::love::: if you would post a review of my book at