Thursday, April 21, 2011

So, DOES God Work in Strange Ways?

For several weeks, on a nearly daily basis, I've been traveling 12 miles one way to a post office in Placida, FL, to mail out copies of my book that are ordered online. Yesterday on my way back from that post office, I spotted a post office "general store" that was barely six miles from my home.

Today I stopped at that facility instead of traveling the extra six miles to Placida.

As I always do, I informed the person who attended to me, the owner, Maureen, that the contents of my packages were books. I told her that I didn’t want the “media” rate, but first-class, which is mere pennies more than the media rate, but gets to the buyer much quicker.

I told her that I was anxious to get one to St. AugustineFL, by tomorrow, if possible; that I was hoping to have a review posted at after the weekend.

She asked me if I wrote the book. I admitted to doing so. She then asked me what the subject matter was. I told her. She told me that she stocks a book on “healing” after the loss of a pet that has been selling like hotcakes!

She asked me if she could read one of my books. I happened to have a draft copy in the car, which I gave to her.

She looked at the cover, then the back. She flipped through it, stopped at the page that contains the poem, ‘The Rainbow Bridge,’ and said to me, “I’d like to stock a supply of your books. I have no doubt that this book will sell.” 

She didn’t mention a number; I didn’t ask. I was too excited!

I’ll be stopping by tomorrow to get the details.

God really does appear to work in strange ways, doesn’t He?


Donna said...

Yes, He does. More sales for you!!! I'm so glad!

RJScott said...

Thanks Donna!

Diane said...

Awesome!! I hope she is selling a lot of the books!

RJScott said...

Diane, me too!