Tuesday, October 1, 2013

So Who Are the Leaders?

I don't see "organized" religion as having ANY importance in my life. However, I do believe that having my CREATOR in my life is very important.

"Religion" (organized) has caused countless wars, killing countless millions of people.

Organized religion has seen Catholic priests become predators, ruining the lives of countless people.

If we live our lives living by the commandments of a loving God, or Buddha, or whatever we choose to call our higher power, we would be far better humans than we are if we adhere to the standards of ORGANIZED religion ... BINGO for Catholics, TITHING to a corrupt minister whose antics finally caught up with him, raffles to win a “basket of cheer,” (a goody-basket of booze) – the list goes on

Thoughts and actions of a kind heart are probably just what Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha and the other "higher powers" had in mind.

If we can just learn to live with each other, love each other and dispel HATRED and COLDNESS toward others from our hearts, we'd be far closer to the "Godliness" of the Gods we follow. Not so?

Memo to self: May the God all who read this believe in, bless those who read this. And NO! I do NOT have to be a priest, minister or whatever to call God's blessings on others! (C) 2008 RJScott

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