Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Love Hurts, but Love Accepts

Humans are strange animals. Have you ever heard the song, "You Always Hurt the One You Love"?

It's true. But I think there's a reason. We often hurt those we love the most because of our need to get something out of our systems. Had a bad day at work? Come home and take it out on the wife and kids. Why? Because THEY also love YOU and will often suffer that hurt in silence, knowing it's "a bad day."

If I were to be stopped by a cop for going over the speed limit and began to argue with him, he might arrest me on the spot. But I can subconsciously verbally attack my wife and kids by simply finding something that had nothing to do with the cop to blame on them, in order to get my cop experience out of my system.

If my boss pissed me off and I told him where to go (which I would LOVE to do), I'd probably be fired.

BUT, if my boss pisses me off and I take it out on my wife and kids, subconsciously, I KNOW that they’ll take that abuse and eventually forgive me, because THEY love ME and I love THEM. I know they’ll forgive me. My boss and the cop might not be as forgiving.

So, you see why I say that we humans are strange animals?

The person who hurt you probably loves you very much. It’s little more than the animal coming out in them. If you were to tell that person just how much you were hurt, undeservedly, that person would probably feel terrible, and promise never to do it again … but chance are it WILL happen again, and AGAIN … BECAUSE of your love of each other and the ability to “take it.”

Memo to self: Give the finger to the cop (after listening to his warning) then fart on the boss and love your significant other. True love doesn’t come around all that often. © 2008 RJScott

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