Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Look Into My Eyes

Some may have heard the story of Virginia Tighe, http://paranormal.about.com/library/weekly/aa041700a.htm, a housewife from Boulder, Colo., who in 1952, under hypnosis, revealed that she had lived 100 years before.

Have you ever undergone hypnosis?

I recall when I was a junior in high school, a certified hypnotist was featured as a guest in the school auditorium one evening. I was really impressed by a senior, "Sally," who while "under" hypnosis, did some silly things, but more by the fact that she was told to describe the home of a woman who was chosen from the audience by a number drawn from a hat.

Not only did Sally tell the woman the address at which she lived, which was in a nearby town, but also she proceeded to describe the interior of the woman's house in great detail.

I have no doubt that Sally and the "woman" didn't know each other. What impressed me the most was the DETAIL in which she described the home. From describing various framed pictures and their location, to the style and colors of the furniture in the rooms, and where they were placed in relation to the rooms.

Remember, Sally was a high school senior.

I've always wondered how she was able to do this without some sort of trickery being involved.

Some years later, a certified hypnotist attempted to hypnotize me. I don't THINK it worked, although I was told I was under his influence. (I thought it took intelligence to be hypnotized.)

At any rate, have you, or someone you know undergone hypnosis? If so, are there any things that left you in awe? Any things the person (or you) could not have known or done under ordinary circumstances?
If so, please indulge me and go into detail. Thanks!

Memo to self: Look into my eyes ... look into my EYES, dammit, not my nostrils! Oh! There's a booger there? (C) 2008 RJScott

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