Tuesday, July 5, 2011

So What's With Casey Anthony?

I’ve been watch the Casey Anthony trial daily for more than a month and it’s every bit as riveting as the O.J. Simpson trial was, nearly two decades ago.

I don’t know how she copes each day. I learned a short while ago that there are no newspapers or magazines in her holding cells. It’s too bad she can’t download the Kindle version of my book at https://authorcentral.amazon.com/gp/books/book-detail-page?ie=UTF8&bookASIN=B004UN58U0&index=default. It’s an easy, fast-moving read and it could keep her occupied for several hours.

She could certainly learn a lot about love by reading the book.

I’d honestly like to believe that Casey is innocent; that some “unknown” person killed her daughter, but the evidence presented seems to be powerful.

I feel certain that her dad, mom and brother had nothing to do with the child’s death and I feel equally certain that the three of them are in deep grief over their loss.

At age 25, she has so much life that will be wasted if she’s found guilty on any of the charges.

I don’t have any views on where it will end, but I really do hope that the entire family, Casey included, will find peace. There’s been enough heartache, hasn’t there?

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RJScott said...

Well, my hopes were realized today. I just hope that Casey did not commit the crime. I felt that there was a good amount of "reasonable doubt," especially the testimony from Kronk (the guy who found the remains). I hope her confinement will be limited to time served, considering her good behavior as testified to by several prison guards.

For me, I will be giving the issue a well-deserved rest except to post positive thoughts regarding the case as they occur to me.