Tuesday, July 5, 2011

So What Do YOU Think About Reporters?

I’ve watched the Casey Anthony case with extreme interest for the past month plus.

I’ve watched carefully as evidence was presented, argued about, dismissed, overruled and sustained.

I’ve always held the personal opinion that Casey was not guilty of murder. My gut feeling was largely based on images of her with Caylee, smiling the beautiful smile of a mother who loved her child.

I’m not a lawyer … I have no personal knowledge of the law. Mine was a gut feeling and I really wanted her to be innocent of the horrible crime that she was charged with.

Do I know that she’s innocent? I do not. It’s my sincere wish that she is. I’ve had my doubts along the course of the trial.

I watched a TV show on HTN that Vinnie Politano hosted this afternoon.

He was livid! He ranted on and on about the “injustice” done in this case.

I can understand and appreciate his personal thoughts about the case; however, I feel that his job as a reporter is to report the news, not to throw a tantrum if he disagreed with the verdict.

I found his reaction to be completely unprofessional and uncalled for. He was reaching out to perhaps tens of thousands of viewers, maybe more, possibly hundreds of thousands.

What if some nutcase who happened to agree with his rant decided to stalk Casey and eventually murder her … and she is innocent of the crime?

If he disagreed with the verdict, he is free to disagree all he wants to … but he has no right (as a reporter) to make his personal feelings public.

It’s not our place to judge. The judicial system may not be perfect, but it’s not our place to put doubt into the minds of others who are not capable of thinking for themselves to the point of senselessly murdering a possibly innocent person.

Given the above information, I’m truly curious to learn how you feel.

Don't be afraid to reply ... I promise not to stalk you.

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