Saturday, July 9, 2011

So Casey Refuses to See Cindy

Casey Anthony has refused a visit from her mom. Loving daughter, as much as she apparently was a loving mother, eh?

Also it’s been reported that the Anthony family was given $200,000 by ABC News:

Now don’t get me wrong, but if I owed my legal team $275,000 and counting, and my family used the $200K to pay toward my legal expenses, I think I’d give my mom the courtesy of a brief visit, at very least.

At least the would be a valid reason for refusing to talk to your mother, right? Right?

Or, could it be that after giving the $200K to the legal team, the Anthonys are broke, and all Cindy really wanted was to read my book which she can no longer afford the $9.99 to buy (Kindle)?

Boy! That family sure has its problems.

I’m here to help. For every Kindle version purchased TODAY, I’ll put 1¢ aside toward a Kindle version for Cindy. Then she can tell Casey to screw off! That’s 999 copies, folks. Act quickly before they’re all gone!

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