Monday, July 25, 2011

So a Well-Known Author Plugged My Book!

Amy D. Shojai, nationally known authority on pet care and behavior and author of numerous books has graciously "plugged" my book on her Web page blog site.

We haven't met in person, yet she kindly shared her page with me. That is an uncommon act of generosity (for me) as I've run into many roadblocks in trying to get more reviews posted regarding my book. Reviews are, to me, the life's blood of a book; its destiny indicator as to its success or failure.

I just want to express my thanks for Amy's selfless act of generosity and kindness. It's only proper that I do so, publicly.

You might want to visit her blog at for further information on her books, valuable, timely information regarding pets and pet care and helpful topics for all things pet-related. Sign up as a follower of her site and receive email updates each week.

Share the love! And while you're on my page, please feel free to invite your friends to stop by, set a spell and enjoy! I'm certain that Amy would not object to you referring friends to her page, too!


Anonymous said...

Wow--thanks so much for the reciprocal shout-out, that's just lovely! All of us pet-folks need to help each other. *s*

Anonymous said...

Read the blurb about your upcoming book...count me in on that one...look at that, not even written yet and a sale!

RJScott said...

Ringing up a sale,Donna. This is going to be an inexpensive ebook that can also be read online. Check this page, near the bottom, to see the formats that will be available.