Sunday, July 17, 2011

So Casey's Out of the Slammer

Casey Anthony was released from prison today, shortly after midnight. HLNTV covered her release which its reporters say took all of 15 seconds.

Yet, since (when I turned it on) shortly after 7 a.m., they've been broadcasting the same thing CONSTANTLY, ad nauseum. I guess nobody wants to work today so they're showing the same clips time after time hour after hour; clips that were made shortly after midnight and calling it BREAKING NEWS. 

Good grief! Is there nothing else happening in the world today?

Back to Casey: A jury of her peers found the woman not guilty of murder. The jury did its duty based on the evidence presented. There was no conclusive proof a) that the child was murdered, b) how she died or c) who killed her.

Caylee & Casey Anthony
(public domain images)

Yet, protesters congregate threatening to kill her (and her family).

I don't know if the woman is guilty or not, however I must respect the fact that it was 12 people that found her not guilty, and I'm content to live with that. If she's guilty, God knows and she'll get her payback in time. If she is not, I think we should give her the benefit of that doubt. It's not our place to become vigilantes. The Court has had its say: Not guilty.

Isn't it about time this is put to rest? Violence will beget more violence. Casey will have a difficult enough time trying to fit back into society. Will she be able to get a job? It'll be hard. Will she sign a million-dollar deal? Likely. Will she become rich? Unlikely … she has fines to pay and several lawsuits are either pending or are in the process of being filed.

That million won't last too long, if it happens.

Casey will likely be rebuked and rebuffed wherever she goes; in whatever she tries to do. It's probable that she'll never find any true friends throughout life once people learn of her past. 

Won't that be punishment enough over a lifetime? She's 25. If she lives a projected life of 60 more years, that's a long, long time that she'll have to repent … if she is guilty. Let's give her a break and deal with our own shortcomings. Let's try to be better than the evil child-killing mother we presume her to be.

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