Tuesday, April 12, 2011

So You Want to See a Dolphin?

After finishing one of my daily bike rides, I drove to the beach to enjoy a cool beer (or two) and read the paper.

My reading was interrupted when I glanced up from the gazebo I was stationed at, and spotted several dolphins, merrily at play. There are a number of luxury homes/condos in this particular area, with yachts anchored, at the ready for impromptu trips into the Gulf, at a small inlet directly off the Gulf of Mexico. Here dolphins can be seen on nearly a daily basis, and they're a joy to watch.

Most of the time they display a curiosity that would put a cat to shame. They approach humans without fear, entertaining them with their antics. And they're "encouraged" by the attention that they get. Some of the humans have fresh fish at the ready to entice the dolphins to venture closer.

Only one can be seen below; the others were submerged.  But I've had the pleasure of spotting four or five in a group, "romping" much like a dog at play. When I spotted a large group, generally they were actually in the Gulf of Mexico, too far out to get a decent image.

In the instance shown below, as the critter departed, it left amidst applause from the onlookers, who were obviously pleased with its performance. Me? I cracked open another can of beer in celebration of the ceremony, finished my paper and its puzzles and returned home. 

There is always something to enjoy on Florida's "Sun Coast." 

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Donna said...

When I visited my daughter in Ft. Myers last November, we took a dolphin cruise...it was wonderfilled! The guys running the business knew exactly what they were doing, and in no time had at least 8 dolphins (including a mom and baby) chasing us to Bob Marley music. They are wonderful creatures, ones I hope to see again soon :)