Sunday, April 24, 2011

So What Is This Thing We Call Easter?

So what is Easter? Is it pink, blue, yellow (pick your color) "Peeps," or is it a fake grass-filled basket of milk chocolate bunnies, peanut butter eggs and jellybeans? Or is it a fluffy bunny that became a member of the household that will eventually grow and perhaps be ousted from the house because it's become too much of a "bother"?

I see loads of "Happy Easter" messages and keyboard graphics on Facebook. Are we being wished a day of Peeps and other candies or is the "official" start of spring and rebirth the message behind the greeting?

Or are we rejoicing in the fact that a humble man who died on a cross several thousand years ago overcame death and rose to life early on that first Easter Sunday? Are we rejoicing in the knowledge that if we place our faith in that man/God, we too can be assured of an eternal life after our mortal existence ends?

I'm not an overly religious man. I do believe in God and I do believe that His Son rose from the dead. I simply don't make it a point of subjecting everyone else to my beliefs ... except for today. I realize that my time on Earth is limited and it could very well end before I'm done writing this blog. 

I'm not the kind of person who needs anything that I post on Facebook to be liked or "copied to your profile ... for an hour." 

I'm a simple person trying to live a simple life without hurting others in the process. I know that "good deeds" alone will not "save me," but I'm set in my ways.

I hope that I've chosen the right path and that what I do on a daily basis is acceptable in the eyes of God.

So, if I've offended you in any way, or if this post offends you, I ask for your forgiveness, in the same way I ask God to forgive my shortcomings.

Happy Easter (without the Peeps and candy-filled baskets)!

Happy Easter celebrating Jesus Christ!

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