Monday, April 25, 2011

So What's in a Number?

Well, if the number is TXu-1-725-705, it's the certificate number that is registered with the Copyright Office, in accordance with title 17, United States Code. It attests that the registration has been made for the work known as "Crossing the Rainbow Bridge Your Pet: When It's Time to Let Go," written by Robert Scott.

It's the copyright for my book that immortalizes my Foxy Lady III, showing me as the author of the book. If I were to die today tomorrow (or today, for that matter), my Lady would live on in my work for as long as the United States of America IS the United Stated of America.

That gives me a great sense of pride (not a bad kind of pride, mind you, but a pleasant sense of accomplishment).

My book is perhaps the greatest thing that I could have done for my Lady. She was the inspiration for it, urging me, after her death, to pour out my feelings in words.

Lady left my life on October 12, 2010, yet she lives on in my heart, and in my work. She'll never know that, but I do, and that gives me a feeling of "worth."

It's consoling to realize that when my allotted time on Earth has ended, someone, somewhere,  may come across the book that I wrote in one of the times of deepest despair in my life.

That's a good thing!

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