Tuesday, April 12, 2011

So Some Creatures Are Nicer Than Others

On another trip down the Cape Haze Trail, about two miles into the return trip, I spotted a mother bobcat, trailed by a cub. I was perhaps 40 feet away from them. I stopped, got off my bike and readied my camera.

They were walking away from me, so I slowly followed getting set to take a good picture. Suddenly the cub turned and looked toward me. Then it began walking toward me. I was delighted!

Then, the mother turned, and when she saw the errant cub, she also turned and began walking in my direction.

I'm a trusting sort of person; I wasn't at all concerned. I meant no harm to either cat.

However, the mother was not as trusting. She was concerned. When she got to the cub, she gently nudged it into the undergrowth. Then she positioned herself as indicated in the image below and stood, just looking at me: not menacingly, but as if to say, "Hey dude. That's my kid. Don't get too close."

I respected the cat. I stood at my bike for a few minutes, just admiring the beauty of a non-human mother as she protected her offspring just as any human mother would.

The image below shows the cub safely in the underbrush as directed by mother bobcat.

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Donna said...

I sure am glad you didn't get eaten by a bear...errrr...bobcat :)