Thursday, May 5, 2011

So What Do You Think About Funeral Homes That Cater to Pets?

Does your area offer a service like this? A local funeral home here in Englewood, FL, along with its affiliated branch offices offer a “Pet Passings” service.

The service is meant to respectfully handle the remains of household pets. They work with local veterinary offices to pick up the pets’ remains and they arrange for them to be buried or cremated. There is a special “Pet Passings” area in a bona fide “people” cemetery reserved for pets.

The image below shows that area at a ribbon-cutting ceremony at the cemetery, the Gulf Pines Memorial Park.

For cremated loved ones, they offer a number of services with a variety of urns that include the furry loves one’s paw print, a picture of the pet and more.

Their services are priced reasonably. The ashes of cremated pets are returned to the owners in a wide selection of containers, ranging from a traditional pine or oak “jewel box” urn to many that are far more elaborate. The one shown below costs $134.20, and it represents a wire haired fox terrier, like my Foxy Lady III.

Many people, like me, are “parents” to our pets, and to lose one is every bit as traumatic as the loss of a “human” child would be.

My Lady’s remains rest in a pine box with a photograph of her. No “replica” of her would work for me. There is no dog on Earth that is the same as my Foxy Lady.

Does a funeral home, or homes, in your area offer a similar service? If so, do you feel that is “going too far” or are you of the mindset that feels nothing is too good for your pet … the pet that gave you UNCONDITIONAL LOVE for the time that God allowed for both of you to share your lives?

I’m of the opinion that if my Foxy Lady III loved ME so much, I couldn’t possibly toss that love aside.

She’s in my heart to stay.

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