Sunday, May 8, 2011

So Mother's Day Is Missing a Mother

Missing: One Mother.

Answers to the name of Mother, Annie, or (lovingly, and only to me) Annie Gooch.

Last seen on December 5, 1995, at rest in a casket, looking as beautiful as she did in life, but finally at peace, free from the pain of a heart that failed her.

Above: Mother in 1994

A generous reward is offered for her return.

UPDATE: Wait! There's an APP for that!

Found: One Mother.

After years of searching and investigating, Mother, Annie, or (lovingly, and only to me) Annie Gooch was found, safe and sound in God’s care in heaven.

Above: A bite to eat at Christmastime mid ‘60s

She is reported to be happy beyond belief in the company of those whom she loved on Earth: parents, brothers and sister, my brother, friends, co-workers, pets, former neighbors and many more.

We cannot communicate well. I understand that the signal from cell phones cannot reach heaven, regardless of what our carriers tell us.

         Left: Mother and Foxy Lady II, early '90s

I learned that there is a new APP, however. It’s called FAITH. From what I have learned, if I accept the application, one day I will join my Mother in her new home. The APP is free!

I understand further that the APP was invented by and is being offered only by One Source, Jesus Christ, Who is believed to have redeemed everyone who has FAITH and believes that by giving His life so that we sinners can be saved.

I’d like to believe that my Mother was sinless; a saint, but to hang on to false beliefs serves nobody. Romans 3:10:  As it is written: "There is no one righteous, not even one.

To me, she was as near-perfect as a human could be: She loved me and my brother unconditionally. If we ever did or said anything to hurt her (and rowdy teenaged boys can easily accomplish that), she, much like God, would forgive us in a heartbeat.

Unfortunately, we humans often fail to recognize love, often referring to it as carping, complaining, “bitching” and moaning. We sometimes close our eyes to love, yet God opens those eyes, in His time, giving us the time to mend our errant ways. He IS a GOOD God!

After all, He chose my Mother to join Him in eternal peace and joy.

Happy Mother’s Day, Mother. I love you more than ever and I look forward to the day when we meet again.

Yes, I have the APP!

Mother's Day, 2011!

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