Friday, May 13, 2011

So Here's a Review

From Margaret Leinweber, Whitehall, PA., received via U.S. Mail: Mrs. Leinweber does not have an account, thus was unable to post her review at that site. She sent this to me along with payment for her book. Her son, Clint, is the oncologist who treated me some eight or nine years ago.

Robert Scott's "Crossing the Rainbow Bridge," brings a love story of pets & people whose love for one another demonstrates how that love overcomes grief and enables us to find peace and that's somewhere over the rainbow. A quick and enjoyable read!


~Cheryl said...

I know what you mean. People don't keep their word like they once did. Sign of the times, I guess.

RJScott said...

Cheryl, this woman was UNABLE to post a review, yet she took the time to hand write one for me to duplicate at Amazon. I chose not to do that and posted it here instead.