Saturday, October 22, 2011

So What's Not to Be Happy About?

You may have read my posts about Doris, my friend over the course of a lifetime that I posted in this area earlier in the year:

Doris called me just a few minutes ago as I was doing my work for AOL. She had an appointment with her radiologist last week and she was thrilled with the news, as I was.

"Doris," he told her, "I don't want to see you again for a year."

Long story short: Miracles do happen! Doris is living proof of it. She never gave up hope that, even though the diagnosis was stage-4 lung cancer, she'd overcome it. She never displayed any signs of feeling sorry for herself; she just continued to remain optimistic even though she was sickened by the chemotherapy; even though she lost her hair to the radiation treatments.

She is now approaching age 79, a great-grandmother and, as the image below from last month indicates, she looks radiant … every bit as radiant in the images shown in my first two articles about her, both taken in 2008. The image below shows Doris and her brand-new great-grandson, "Wagner," Doris looking more "fiftyish" than "eightyish," and with a beautiful head of hair.

I think this is an important message to all who are suffering from cancer or any other debilitating disease: NEVER give up hope. Please be sure to share this page with any friends or acquaintances in need ... of hope or faith or both.


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RJScott said...

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