Wednesday, June 8, 2011

So What Do You Have to Lose? Nothing! What Do I Have to Lose? Reviews and My Costs!

Here’s an offer that you don’t get every day. While I’ve been pleased with the sales of my book, ‘Crossing the Rainbow Bridge … Your Pet: When It’s Time to Let Go,’ I cannot say that I’m terribly pleased with the lack of reviews.

Currently there are 12 at 11 for the paperback and one for the Kindle version. All are positive, 5-star reviews.

I have provided numerous copies of the book free to a number of individuals, asking only for their review (good or not good). Reviews are what drive book sales. Even negative reviews can have positive results. Sometimes people want to find out for themselves why a negative review was posted. That’s a sale.

When sending follow-up mail to those I’ve provided with free copies, I’ve found that the mail goes unanswered; totally ignored. In this day of instant email, I find that hard to accept. I find that rather rude … especially in those instances where I’ve paid for the book and footed the cost of packaging and mailing.

This tells me that: a) people hated the book, or b) don’t want to post a negative review or c) never read it , or d) are satisfied that they got a book free of charge that retails for $17.95, and owe me nothing in return.

I’m an honest person. If I promise someone something, I deliver. I don’t renege on promises. I don't take advantage of other people ... ever!

My offer:

For the first dozen people who reply to this offer who have not already read my book and posted a review, I’ll be happy to send you a copy … provided that you return the courtesy and post a review ... without fail!

Am I taking a chance? You bet your butt that I am. Yet, I’m willing to believe that there are more promise-keepers out there than promise-breakers.

If you’re willing to read my book, I’ll be happy to send you a copy. I’m taking the chance that there are people out there who provide more than meaningless lip-service … people who will follow through on their part of “the agreement.”

If you live in the U.S., and are among the first dozen to reply, I’ll get a book in the mail to you the day after I receive a request at

All that you have to risk is a couple of hours to read the book and a few minutes to post your thoughts at


RJScott said...

Bingo! I got my 12th request for a free book, which will be mailed out today.

It will be interesting to see how many of those 12 people actually provide a review at

I guess this is much like playing the lottery. One must pay for a chance of winning.

Time will tell!

Kn said...

Yup Mister. Its a lottery, but ya u got to keep on hoping :-)

But what I believe is that people who actually spend some bucks for a book are more likely to write a review. Now if I got something free, it does not really matter if i like it or not, I don't lose anything anyway. But those who spend, they have more at stake so more likely to comment.

RJScott said...

You're right, to a degree, Kn. When I put out good bucks for something I'm expecting something good. If it's not, I'm likely to complain, but negatively.

When I get something for nothing, I appreciate it and I feel "obligated" to repay the person.

If that's in the form of a review, heck, it's not asking a lot of me to spend five minutes of my time letting the world know what I thought of the book.

If a person wants to post a negative review of my book, well, that's yet another gamble that I must take.

I feel confident enough in my work that I'm not troubled by the possibility of a negative review. I'm sure there will be some.

However, there are numerous people who "guaranteed" me a review yet have failed to act, even though I've reminded them (quite nicely).