Thursday, August 25, 2011

So I Really WAS a Winner!

A few weeks ago I mentioned (not here) that there was a "second chance" series of drawings by the Florida Lottery for Monopoly "scratch-offs" that didn't produce a winner. Each ticket submitted was multiplied, offering between 120 and 180 chances for the drawing.

Long story short: I wound up with 49,200 chances to win $10,000 or a Florida vacation and $1,000, or $200 and a Premier Edition Monopoly game or a Premier Edition Monopoly game.

I won a Monopoly game … no dollars.

I'm not a board game player; cards yes.

So, on the advice/suggestions of several people, I decided to contribute the game to the Englewood Community Hospital … until I received the game yesterday.

It's a BEAUTIFUL game board. It's all wood with a green felt surface to toss the dice onto; gold-colored metal player pieces; two drawers to house the "money" and houses/hotels and game cards.

I've decided that instead of donating it to the Englewood Community Hospital, I'd try to sell it. The Florida Lottery Commission told me that its value is $300 as a collectors' edition. The game board does not fold in half. It's one piece and HEAVY!The doggone game must weigh 20 lbs! I've seem some advertised on for $900 to $2,499.99!

My reasoning is that in the hands of many people of varying age groups, such as at the hospital, the board would be marred and lose its value to collectors in no time.

Instead, what I hope to do is sell it to a serious collector who would keep it for the "prestige" only, and with the amount I receive I could buy perhaps a half-dozen or so "regular" games to donate to additional facilities. There are loads of hospitals, hospices, Boy & Girls Clubs, etc., in Englewood and nearby cities.  I'm hoping that an asking price of $300 (plus shipping) will result in a sale to someone who'd really appreciate a Collector's Edition without the need to spend the money for those advertised on Amazon.

I think it makes more sense to do something to make more people happy rather than a limited number at one hospital.

I know that $300 isn't chicken feed, but if anyone who reads this knows of someone who might be interested, please let me know.

I'd be happy to donate any excess (not enough for an additional game) to my local Humane Society.

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